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How Autoresponders Can Make You More Money

First: What is an Autoresponder?

The simple way to explain an Autoresponder is to think of it
as program that automatically responds to email sent to it.

Our Autoresponders not only automatically answers emails sent
but it remembers who sent the email and follows up with them
whenever you tell it to… automatically.

Effective sales people know that the fortune is in the
follow-up. This is why good sales people spend so much
time following up on past clients, making repeat sales
calls, sending postcard reminders, sending out brochures
to the same people, going through their list of contacts
to see who they haven’t talked to in a while.

The MLBP Autoresponder takes care of following
up with your online prospects automatically.

Second: Why do you need an Autoresponder?

Experts tell us that it takes an average of 7 different
contacts to close a sale.

If you are not following up with your prospects on a
regular basis, you are losing sales!

As your list of prospects grows, it becomes more and more
difficult and time consuming to figure out when you last
spoke with which prospect and which information you send them.

In our global economy, business is being conducted 24 hours
a day. It would be impossible for you to personally follow up
24 hours a day.

Your Autoresponder can manage all of your prospects, remember
when it sent your last sales letter, what that letter was
about, and it can do all of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Imagine being able to completely automate your sales letters.

Imagine being able to build, manage, and profit from your own
online contact list.

Imagine being able to broadcast special offers or announcements.

Imagine being able to remotely update your sales letters any time.

Imagine being able to instantly test ad copy or special offers.

With the MLBP Autoresponder, you can do all of this and

This system runs 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… whether you
are at the office, sleeping, having lunch, or enjoying some free
time with your family. Your Autoresponder never sleeps!

Because you are able to generate more leads and more efficiently
manage your follow up, you will have more time to develop and
test effective ad copy, spend time with family or friends, or
even develop new product lines and marketing approaches!

Here are just a few things you can do with your Autoresponders:

* Automate Sales Letters
* Training Messages
* Promote Business Opportunities
* Publish Your Ezine
* Distribute Product Information
* Build Your Contact List
* Broadcast Special Offers
* Mailing List Manager
* Network Marketing
* Customer Service
* Internal Memos
* And more!

When you use the MLBP Autoresponder system, you get:

* Unlimited Autoresponders
* Unlimited Campaigns
* Unlimited Sales Letters
* Send HTML or Text Messages
* Track Your Results for Each Letter
* Unlimited Professional Training and Support

Third: How much does the Autoresponder cost?

Right now, we are offering a FREE 30 Day Trial of our
Autoresponder system.

No long-term commitment! Set up your account today absolutely
FREE. Try it for 30 days with zero cost and zero risk. Once you
see how powerful this system is and how easily it can save you
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continue using our system for low as 9.98 a month. If you
don’t see how this system can help your business, do nothing.
Your account will automatically expire at the end of the 30 day
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Thousands of people have used this Autoresponder system to
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Review the training materials. Use the tools to build your
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At the end of your 30 day trial, you can simply let the account
go or keep building your list and your profits to secure your online
Believe me… the training alone is worth one hundred times the
price of your subscription. When you join MLBP, you will
have unlimited access to our members area where you will learn:

* How To Win The Search Engine Wars
* How To Turn Leads Into Paying Customers
* Why Some Advertising Works and Some Doesn’t
* How To Create (and profit from) Your Own Opt-In List
* Secrets To Autoresponder Success
This is all included with your 30 day free trial along with full
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Can you invest the next 30 days to learn how to generate leads
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No matter what you decide at the end of your 30 day trial, you
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Fourth: How do you get your own Autoresponder?

We can get you started within the next five minutes. And
remember… you are not paying a dime to get started with this
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